Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn


September 02, 2021



A beautiful green lawn can make an excellent centerpiece in your yard. In fact, they’ve been a popular part of gardens since 16th-century Europe.

Yet lawns still need the right care and attention to help them flourish. You already know your lawn needs fertilizer, but do you know why?

Knowing why your lawn needs it can help you fertilize the grass at the right time and in the best way.

Read on to learn why you should fertilize your lawn.

Your Lawn Needs Nutrients to Grow

All plants need to draw nutrients from the soil and grass is no exception. Grass needs nitrate, potassium, and phosphorous. 

Over time, grass depletes these nutrients from the soil. They can also be washed away by rain and sleet. A lack of nutrients leads to shriveled, weak, or discolored grass.

Nitrogen is a key mineral that grass needs for growth. It helps promote new shoots and encourages the production of chlorophyll. That’s why you get more growth and a greener color after fertilizing your lawn.

Phosphorus helps the grass produce stronger roots and potassium will help regulate turf grass chemistry.

Fertilize Your Lawn for Quicker Growth

Your lawn will still grow without fertilizer but it’ll happen much more slowly. Using fertilizer speeds up the process. We advise that you set aside time 3-4 times every year to use fertilizer.

A good rule of thumb is to first fertilize the lawn in early spring, or between late March and April. This will depend on your local weather. 

Fertilize it again once or twice between May and July. Your final treatment should happen in the fall, so between September and November. 

Choose the best times based on your local weather to space out the treatments. 

It’s a Cheap Way to Improve Your Yard

Landscaping is an easy way to boost your outdoor environment. Fertilizer helps create a healthier lawn, leading to lush, green grass.

This is a cheap way to boost curb appeal if you want to sell your home. Landscaping can improve the value of your home by 5.5-12.7% (depending on the features). A manicured design is even the top item on a home buyer’s wishlist.

Even if you don’t want to sell your home, it still improves the look of your yard. All you need to do after you fertilize the lawn is maintain the grass.

You can also use fertilizer without worrying about the impact on the environment. It blends into the soil, so you don’t create any waste.

Fertilize Your Lawn the Right Way

Knowing why to fertilize your lawn will help you choose the right products and the right times of year to apply them. The only other thing you need to know is the type of grass you have, which dictates your fertilizer choice.

If you don’t feel confident in choosing the right fertilizer, hire a lawn professional to do it. Green Lawn Fertilizing brings years of experience in caring for gorgeous gardens.

Contact us today to see how we can help you care for your lawn with ease.