Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control Rockwall
Fire ant control is a very common service in our area. If you have spent a summer here in Texas, you know about fire ants! These pesky little creatures can easily invade your yard, keeping you and your family out of your yard. With the help of Green Lawn Fertilizing, you can take the upper hand on fire ants through our fire ant control program.

Our Method for Fire Ant Control

Long Residual Contact Insecticide Treatments

We use a special granular product that only a licensed professional and buy and use.  Green Lawn’s treatment is designed to treat any fire ants currently living in your lawn as well as prevent any future fire ants from moving to your lawn.   Our treatment is applied once a year and remains active and effective for many months.

Fire Ant Control Rockwall, TX

Individual Mound Treatments

Although treating ant mounds individually is more labor intensive and may use more insecticide than other methods it is a suitable approach for fire ant control in small areas with few fire ant mounds (fewer than 20 per acre) or where you want to preserve native ants. Faster acting spray can be used as fire ant control on individual ant mounds or those nesting under sidewalks, in plant beds and at the bases of tree trunks. Ants are killed only if the insecticide contacts them. These treatments are most effective when ants are nesting close to the mound surface.

Red Imported Fire Ant (Usually a reddish brown color, fire ants live in colonies of up to 200,000 individuals with mounds that can be two feet high and three feet across with as many as 50 colonies per acre. It’s painful, burning sting results in pustules that take up to 10 days to heal. Some people are extremely allergic to the sting, needing fast medical attention to deal with the toxin.It usually takes ants years just to get firmly established. But once that’s accomplished, some colonies can survive for as long as 30 or 40 years. Sometimes the original queen will be replaced many times over. There are measures you can take to minimize the likelihood of an ant invasion in the kitchen, wiping up spills and putting food away immediately in sealed containers helps. Keeping your home dry and well ventilated will discourage dreaded Carpenter Ants from entering. When ants do get in, insecticides applied along baseboards or around foundations can provide some temporary relief. But ants seldom carry enough insecticide back to the nest to kill the queen — so the nest must be located and the colony destroyed. Our experienced professionals know where to look and how to fight with the best products available on the market. Call us today about our fire ant control program and start keeping your lawn and family safe.

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