How Often Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?


September 10, 2020


Do you know how often you should be fertilizing your lawn?

To maintain a healthy lawn, you need high-quality soil. Over time, your soil loses vital nutrients that plant life needs to survive reduces. But if you’re new to lawn care, you might not know how often you should be doing this.

Don’t worry! Read on to learn how often should you fertilize your lawn to keep your grass green and healthy.

Why is Fertilizer Important For Lawn Care?

Fertilizer is a key part of growing and maintaining healthy, green lawns. For a lot of homeowners, they don’t end up fertilizing because they either don’t know what products to use or how to do it.

Another factor that puts people off is if it’s not done right, it can do more harm than good. Taking the time to learn how to do it is worth it though. It’s by far the best, more efficient way of keeping your soil healthy and nutrient-rich.

Not only will you keep your lawn healthy and smart, but you’ll also save yourself, time, money, and heartache later on. You don’t want to be stuck trying to fix bare patches and brown spots.

When Should You Fertilize?

This will be down to where you live and some other factors. Each soil type has its own needs. But in general, you should do a light fertilizer layer in spring and summer.

This ensures your lawn has all it needs ready for the harsh summer months. Don’t fertilize in midsummer. The hot weather can actually make the fertilizer to harm your lawn.

As you go into winter, you should then use a more heavy application of fertilizer. This helps your lawn store food to survive the harsh winter months. It will also help with thicker, faster growth come spring. It isn’t meant to encourage fall growth.

Fine Tune by Soil & Grass Type

Grass comes from two categories; cool and warm season. As the name suggests, cool grasses grow the most in winter so you should fertilize them in fall.

Warm grasses will grow the most in summer, so fertilize late spring/early summer. You can then fertilize warm grasses again in August.

By knowing what type of grass you have, you can get the most out of your fertilizer. You’ll ensure that your grasses have all the nutrients needed for their peak in the growth cycle.

You should also know what type of soil you have. And by that, we mean the makeup of the soil. You should have it tested for the pH level and to find out what nutrients it contains. Once you know this, you’ll be able to get the right fertilizer that will get the best results for your lawn.

So, How Often Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Next time you wonder how often should you fertilize your lawn, you have your answer. The exact answer depends on your grass and soil, but as a rule of thumb apply a light application in early spring and summer, with a heavy application over winter. This will ensure that your lawn has everything it needs to make the most of summer and survive the winter.

If you are in need of quality lawn-care, contact us today at Green Lawn Fertilizing. We understand that beautiful lawns don’t happen by accident. They are planned and created.