Essential Fire Ant Prevention Tips


August 25, 2022


fire ant prevention

You could have fire ants in your yard right now and not even know it. That’s because fire ant colonies start small. It takes a few months for fire ant colonies to become large enough for them to be noticeable. 

Once you do start to notice fire ant mounds in your yard, it means the colony has grown quite large. That’s why fire ant prevention is so important. There are steps you can take to prevent fire ants from creating colonies in your yard in the first place.

The article below contains a list of steps you can take to prevent fire ants from invading your yard or home. Check out the list of tips in this article, and use them to keep yourself safe from the stings of fire ants.  

Do a Thorough Check of Your Home’s Foundation

Having fire ants in your yard is annoying, but the real problems start when fire ants get into your home. If you’re wondering how to prevent fire ants from getting into your home, you can start by sealing any cracks in your foundation.

You can use polyurethane to seal any cracks that you notice. When you’re done checking your foundation, look at the exterior walls of your home. Preventing fire ants from getting in your home starts with making sure you’ve sealed the outside of your home. 

Don’t Give Fire Ants a Reason to Come In Your Yard

One of the keys to fire ant control is not leaving food in your yard. It’s easy enough to not leave food out when you eat outside, but fire ants can be attracted to very small amounts of food.

If you keep your garbage bin near your lawn, fire ants could find scraps of food in the garbage and set up a colony in your yard.

Families with children should also make sure the kids don’t leave any juice boxes or snacks outside. It’s less likely that fire ants come into your yard if you don’t give them a reason to come.

Treating Your Lawn Can Prevent Fire Ants From Starting a Colony

The best way to prevent fire ants from invading your yard is by using a professional lawn care service. These types of services can treat your lawn with substances that prevent fire ants from getting anywhere near your property.

You can use professional lawn care services to get rid of ants that have already invaded your yard, or you can use the services to prevent ants from ever coming into your yard in the first place.

Reviewing the Top Tips for Fire Ant Prevention

If you follow the advice in this article, you should be able to prevent fire ants from coming into your yard and home. You can do some fire ant prevention on your own, but a professional lawn care company can help you find a long-term solution for your yard.

When you’re ready to solve your fire ant problem, get in touch with the experts at Green Lawn Fertilizing.