Rockwall Fertilizing Company

Keep Your Lawn Green and the Fire Ants out!

A Complete Lawn Care Package

Green Lawn Fertilizing and weed control is a family owned and family operated business located in Rockwall, TX. Our mission is to make sure that you get the lawn care service that you pay for. This is why we use top quality lawn care products that only a licensed professional from the Texas A&M Agriculture can buy and use. We treat your property with the full strength dosage that is allowed for each application of weed control. We apply your fertilizing granules with the maximum allowed flow on our spreaders. This guarantees that you get not only a green and healthy lawn, but you get your money worth for each lawn care.

A thick green lawn is the best defense against weeds. One of the benefits of installing the best quality products is that we don’t just make the grass green, we promote root growth. Our special blended fertilizer does just that and every one of our customers receives the same treatment.

Green Lawn

We offer the following lawn care treatments:

Fertilization: We fertilize your lawn at the right times throughout the year to give you optimal results. We use the best products and innovative techniques.
Weed Control: We can eliminate existing weeds, as well as ensure new weeds do not appear in the future via our state-of-the-art products.
Fire Ants: We apply a treatment to your yard to help get rid of the nascence.


Is your lawn looking thin? Never ending battle with weeds being more prevalent than grass? If it’s time to seed. Seeding helps your lawn get back to the thickness it needs to combat weeds.

We can seed with any type. The recommended grass for Dallas is:

  • Bermuda
  • Zoysia
  • Fescue