How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?


December 21, 2020


Nothing can stain the first impression someone has of your house like a dingy, brown front lawn. Every homeowner knows that lawn maintenance is a key aspect of the presentation. 

Aside from mowing and the general maintaining of the grass area around your home, it is also important to water your lawn. But how frequently should you water your lawn, and how much is too much?

Find out that and more in this comprehensive guide for everything you need to know about lawn watering.

The Basics: How Often

Let’s start with the basics. You should try to water your lawn 2 to 3 times per week. If a lawn needs extra care, it is okay to go a little extra, but make sure to never water your lawn daily.

Aim to water your lawn during the earlier portion of the day, preferably in the morning. Definitely try to get after it before the start of the afternoon at the latest.

How long should you run sprinklers or the hose when watering the lawn? This is more of a case-by-case basis where you will have to observe your grass and act based on how it looks. Try to have some of the blades of grass submerged but do not create pools of water either.

Different Weather = Different Methods?

Watering your lawn to fit the season can be tricky. There are some contradictive strategies to conquer the inevitable calendar changes you will face. If you live in a warmer area, you should tend to use a little more water each time you tend to your lawn.

However, the flip side of that isn’t true. The season and temperature change from the time of the year should not discourage you from your watering schedule. Just because it is the winter season, that does not mean that you should water your lawn less.

Make sure to check and see if rain is expected. The last thing you want is to water your lawn correctly but have that hard work wiped away by a rainstorm.

What If You Water Your Lawn Incorrectly?

Even if you set out to improve the look of your lawn, you could harm it if you water it incorrectly. Overwatering your lawn could lead to mushrooms or crabgrass problems and just an overall decline in the level of green tone and aesthetic appeal to your lawn.

As mentioned above, do not ever water your lawn daily. Again, use the correct amount of water. If anything, do not overflood your lawn to avoid damage.

When watering your lawn, don’t force it. There are a lot of different types of grass and regions in the U.S. and the world. If your lawn isn’t responding to a few different watering schedules or styles, look for different solutions.

Another solution is commercial lawn care by professionals. Nature can be unpredictable. Let us take over and help.

Conquer Your Lawn

Everyone who sets out to maintain their lawn has the same goal in mind: a beautiful, bright green greeting every time they come home.

If you water your lawn and have a passion for lawn care, remember that you can improve your lawn’s appearance through many options, including professional care. Contact us and take your lawn to the next level today!