How Do Pre-Emergents Work?


February 07, 2022



Any good weed control program includes a pre-emergent treatment. To know how best to use a pre-emergent, you need to understand what pre-emergents are.

Pre-Emergent Breakdown

Pre-emergents have a specific science behind them, we’ll take a more detailed look below.

  • A Pre-emergent herbicide weed killer does exactly what is sounds like it would do…it prevents weeds from grow before they start growing.
  • It stops weeds that have not yet emerged in your lawn’s soil
  • A chemical barrier is created to absorb in to emerging seedlings and preventing them from sprouting.
  • Targeted weeds are killed once they begin to sprout from the seed.

Apply Pre-Emergents

Pre-emergents should be applied consistently. An annual pre-emergent works best for prevention of weeds.

To apply pre-emergents correctly you’ll need to be specific on some details.

  • You must mix the herbicide treatment correctly for it to do what it is designed to do.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This is mainly so you don’t end up damaging your lawn.
  • After the treatment is applied, you need to water the lawn.
  • Lay down an even effective spray of the pre-emergent for best results.

Green Lawn is Here to Help

Our team of qualified lawn technicians are here to help you with all your weed control and pre-emergent needs. If you don’t use a pre-emergent, a weed-free lawn is still possible, but it does take longer to accomplish. Laying down a good pre-emergent before spring really assists in the overall appearance and health of your lawn.

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