Bermuda Grass vs. St. Augustine Grass


June 18, 2019


What is the difference beween St. Augustine Grass and Bermuda Grass? There are many difference between these two types of grass. How they look, what they need, how they can be treated, etc. Knowing what type of grass you have and how to best feed and take care of it is very important. For example, some weed control products will actually kill St. Augustine Grass, so make sure you know what to apply to your type of lawn.

St. Augustine Grass

St. Autustine Grass is coarse and a very shade tollerant grass. As for fertilziation it actaully requires less fertilization than Bermuda grass. If you have St. Augustine Grass in part of your yard, you’ll witness how quickly it will move and grow, chocking out other grass your lawn may have. If your lawn has high traffic, St. Augustine may show some signs of being overly walked on.

St. Augustine Grass will grow in a wide variety of soil types, but prefers a soil with a neutral pH. While preferred by many homeowners, St. Augustine Grass is also used in commercial applications.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass wears very well and produces a medium green, dense turf. Bermuda Grass establishes quickly, which is why it is often used for new lawns and can out-compete most weed species. This type of grass is a little higher maintenance, it needs regular spraying for insects, disease and of course fertilizing for growth.

It does not do well in a lot of shade. Bermuda grass is very common in many residential lawns and is also used in commercial applicaions,  however it is not ideal for sports fields.

Make sure you know what type of lawn you have, what type of grass will do best and what to treat your grass with for the best results.


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