Are You Cutting Your Grass Too Short?


April 09, 2022


cutting grass too short

An estimated 79% of home buyers claim that having a lawn is important to them. We can’t say we blame them. What’s better than a lush, green, well-manicured lawn?

The trouble is that many homeowners don’t take the time to learn how to care for their lawn the right way. Many people are cutting grass too short without realizing the short and long-term impacts.

If you want to step up your lawn care game, you’re in the right place. We’re here to teach you about healthy grass heights that will help you to avoid dead grass.

Read on to find out if you’re cutting your grass too short and what to do instead.

Signs That You’re Cutting Grass Too Short

First, it’s important to understand that each blade of grass on your lawn is an individual leaf. It has a root system and performs photosynthesis to stay alive and healthy. To preserve your lawn, you must first recognize that grass, while it can be low-maintenance, is not unlike other plants.

Now, let’s talk about two major signs that your grass is shorter than it should be.

The first is an uprising of weeds. When you cut your grass shorter than what’s healthy, all of that photosynthetic energy goes to repairing the damaged blades, rather than a strong root system. This opens up your lawn to weak spots, where weeds can start to take hold.

The second is dead or dying grass. As each blade uses up energy to restore the blade, it fails to develop a strong root system. Without deep roots, grass becomes less drought-tolerant–and in a state like Texas, this can lead to some dry, brown grass.

Mowing Your Lawn the Right Way

So, how can you avoid the downfall of scalping your lawn? We have a few tips for you.

The first is to allow your grass to remain as long as you can tolerate. No, we’re not suggesting you let it run rampant. However, the grass is going to thrive best when it’s at least three to four inches tall.

The second is to trim no more than one-third of each blade at a time. In other words, if your grass is six inches tall when you cut it, you don’t want to go shorter than four inches. 

Ultimately, this will require that you cut your grass often. Frequent, minor trims will help you to maintain a beautiful lawn without sacrificing your healthy grass.

Need Help Rejuvenating Your Lawn?

Most of us strive for a pristine, well-manicured lawn. However, cutting grass too short is easier than you might think. Use this quick and simple guide to make sure that when you’re giving your lawn a fresh cut, you’re not preventing healthy regrowth and sustainability.

Need help rejuvenating your over-cut lawn? Green Lawn is here to help! Contact us to find out more about our lawn care services and schedule your first appointment today.