3 Types of Weed Control Services for Your Home


July 11, 2022


With 79% of Americans valuing their lawns, it’s an important element of the home to look after. One of the most common problems a lawn will encounter is weeds. 

Weed control is the best way to combat this problem. Weeds are hardy and difficult to deal with. But it’s important that you do because they’ll take over your entire lawn if left unchecked. 

Keep reading to learn more about the top 3 weed control options for your lawn. 

1. Chemical Control

This is the most popular lawn weed control method. This is due to its quick application and successful results. 

For this process to be effective, the types of weeds need to be identified. Once identified, the relevant chemicals are mixed. The correct identification is important because chemicals are targeted to different weeds. 

If the wrong chemicals get sprayed, it can damage your lawn and might not even kill the weeds. For best results, hire professionals if you plan on using chemicals. 

Luckily we’re here to help! For more information, check out our weed control service page

2. Mechanical Control

Mechanical control is one of the cheaper options for weed control for lawns since you can do it yourself. But it is a much slower process and is not always as effective.

This method involves using tools or equipment to remove weeds from your lawn. When you see weeds on your lawn, you use tools to remove them. Be careful with this method though, as there are a few things to keep in mind for success. 

It’s not enough to only pull the weeds from the lawn. Make sure you’re pulling up their roots and avoid dispersing any of their seeds in the process. You must also ensure you get all the weeds at once.

If you miss anything, they just keep growing back or growing in different parts of your lawn. It’s also important to make sure you clean your tools properly. Otherwise, your tools can be part of the problem and spread the weeds wider around your lawn. 

3. Preventative Control

Sometimes weeds are a result of your location. Weeds spread easily, and it might be that somewhere nearby has a high concentration of weeds. If this is the case, the best lawn weed control is preventative action. 

This means year-round control of your lawn so it’s difficult for weeds to take root. 

This includes cleaning tools regularly and screening your water and fertilizer. You’ve got to learn what makes weeds grow and keep an eye out for anything that could help them take root. 

You might even consider an annual preventative chemical spray to disrupt the growth of any new weeds that haven’t taken root yet. 

Weed Control for Your Lawn

Weed control is a vital part of lawn care. Keep your lawn weed-free with chemical, mechanical, or preventative control. Every lawn is different, so consider which option will work best for you. 

If you want to make sure your weed control is effective, it’s always best to hire professionals. Contact us for all your lawn care services!